Welcome – Willkommen

Welcome! We appreciate that you are reading our first post ever on our new travel blog: Dream! Go! Explore! We have just taken our first step into the cyber world of travel blogging! We are travel-obsessed twin sisters exploring the world as much as possible and whenever we have time-off. With this travel blog we would like to inspire you to explore and experience more of this wonderful world. We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we do.

“See the world. Its more fantastic than any dream.“ – Ray Bradbury

Herzlich Willkommen und Danke für das Intersse an unserem Blog Dream!Go!Explore!. Wir haben den  Schritt in die Welt des Blogens gemacht um Euch mit unseren Erlebnisen und Geschichten zu inspirieren, selbst mehr von dieser wunderbaren Welt zu entdecken. Wir – das sind zwei reisewütige Zwillingsschwestern, die in jeder freien Minute Reisen planen und die Welt entdecken.

“Fahre in die Welt hinaus. Sie ist fantastischer als jeder Traum.“ – Ray Bradbury




2 thoughts on “Welcome – Willkommen

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. We would love to come to Mexico and write about your company and the region. There might a chance that we come in December. Maybe we could plan something together? Kind regards from us. 🙂


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